Structure magnetic therapy devices



The elec system devices include a complete system of modular components and applicators which can be assembled and upgraded to all clinical and general practice requirements as well as for home use. This allows optimization of medical application and economic considerations.

Each of the basic devices Vitapulse and Magnetotron consist of an impulse generator. The impulse generator produces the impulse current which is  needed to build up the Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Field-Therapy.

The Vitapulse generator can be operated with one applicator or with one set of treatment pads (1 set consists of 2 pieces)

The Magnetotron generator is provided with 2 therapy outlets. Therefore two and more treatment applicators can be connected – one and more patients can be treated simultaneoulsy.

All applicators are compatible and interchangeable with both basic devices Vitapulse and Magnetotron.


Large surfaced pulsating magnetic field lines generated in the induction coil applicator


The concentric large-surfaced induction Coil Applicator

The diameter of the pulsating magnetic field therapy induction coil is 50 cm (approx. 20 inch.) – the height is 20 cm (approx. 8 inch.). Inside the  treatment coil an almost homogeneous pulsating magnetic field is generated. The large surfaced pulsating magnetic fields are not only poduced inside the treatment coil, but they also  develop in large and long circles outside the treatent coil up to the immense length of 2 meters (approx. 80 inch.) on each of both sides  of the coil applicator.
This is the most effective  application – the entire body is in the therapy field.


The Blanket Applicator

The blanket applicator is very indicated for bedridden and immobile patients. Due to the special dimensions of the blanket applicator, it fits onto a chair or in an arm chair. 

The blanket applicator can also be used in a bed or on a sofa. The body can be covered with the blanket applicator or it is used like a blanket.

The blanket applicator can be folded in the middle and can be wrapped around the body.

The measurements of the blanket applicator are 105 x 50 cm/approx. 42 x 20 inch.



The Pad Applicator

One set of pad applicator consists of 2 pieces. They are very indicated for immobile patients. Preferably the 2 pad applicators are placed on both sides of the body.  
For the application in a bed the 2 pads are positioned side by side, or they can be placed in an arm chair,  on a couch for a comfortable application.

One  pad applicator measures 45 cm x 45 cm /approx. 18 x 18 inch.