Indication small animal medicine



As in Human Medicine the therapy devices are used in various areas in Veterinary Medicine for Small and Large Animals/Horses:

Such as Infection Disease Medicine, Internal Medicine, Orthopedy, Neurology, Sports Medicine: very indicated for racing dogs an competition horses.

Rehabilitation and Prophylaxis as well as in combination with various other applications, especially with physio therapy

According to the laws in force in Germany (as per our knowledge only in Germany) it is not allowed to publish in the homepage the following information of a therapy method to the public:

Description of the mechanism of action, Pictures before and after treatment.

This information can only be made available to medical personnel. Unfortunately, we must comply with these legal measures.

But we will be glad to assist you with all the information you may need after we have received your request by our contact from, email to, or letter, or phone call (+49) 6431-2126154

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Thank you very much for your understanding.