How it all began

From the development until today

elecsystem Magnetotron 1974/75 First mass-produced magnetic field therapy device with pulse circuitry

Already at the beginning of the 70’s elecsystem developed the technical procedure to achieve and use a direct effect on the human and animal organism with the help of pulsating magnetic fields (PEMF).

The first elecsystem IBS magnetic field therapy devices based on large-area pulsating magnetic fields were mass-produced in 1974 and are used in various fields of human and veterinary medicine.

The non-invasive method widely introduced by elecsystem is based on the fact that large-area pulsating magnetic fields of specific frequency, intensity and shape can influence biological processes

Today, elecsystem can claim to have carried out pioneering work and basic research at renowned international universities over many years, especially in the field of research into the physiological effect parameters of the magnetic field method, the IBS – Inductive Bio-Stimulation with Large Area Pulsating Magnetic Fields.

Several thousand magnetic field therapy devices from elecsystem (Magnetotron, Biopulse, Vitapulse, Vitra), are now in use worldwide in clinics, hospitals, medical practices in physiotherapeutic institutes, in the private sector and in veterinary medicine.

In 1978, the first use of the induction coil was on a horse. This was the beginning of veterinary medicine

All ORIGINAL elecsystem devices are made in Germany !

At this point we would like to point out that there are several imitators of our devices. Some of these look almost identical to the elecsystem magnetic therapy and biophoton therapy devices.

As is well known, plagiarism exists in all economic fields when the ORIGINAL product that one wants to copy is exceptionally good. However, plagiarisms cannot achieve what the elecsystem devices can.

Plagiarisms are just copies, which lack the authoritative knowledge background of many years of basic research and practical experience as well as the special medical and technical know-how of the ORIGINAL.

Likewise, the copyright of our writings and scientific studies with the elecsystem device systems Magnetotron, Biopulse, Vitapulse, Combi 900 and Vitra are very often violated. It is important to know that these successful studies and writings refer only to the elecsystem IBS devices and can in no way be attributed to other magnetic therapy or biophoton therapy devices. Each system is different and the potency potential of our devices is not derivable to other devices.

From the idea and development to the finished device and service, you get everything from a single source. With elecsystem you rely on the right partner, because 50 years of experience have already led to many innovative solutions. Be one step ahead of others, trust our expertise.