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Welcome to elec system  the expert of Magnetic Field Therapie Devices.

Take advantage of our 50 years of experience and basic research.

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elecsystem magnetic therapy devices have been manufactured for 50 years.


elecsystem is the pioneer in the field of pulsating magnetic fields.


Discover the wide range of services for special areas of use.


For whom are the elecsystem PMF-Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy Devices?

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For Small Animal Medicine

In Veterinary Medicine our Vitapulse PMF-Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy Devices are for Veterinarians, Veterinary Naturpaths, Physioterapists for the office and for Veterinary Practioners on the road for dogs, cats, birds, falcons, horses and many other animals.


For Large Animal Medicine

Use in veterinary medicine, by veterinarians, veterinary practitioners and physiotherapists. Also for rehabilitation and prophylaxis and home use.

For Human Medicine

In Human Medicine our Vitapulse PMF-Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy Devices are for Physicians , Naturpaths, Physiotherapists, Dentists fort the office and for Practioners on the road.

For Home Use

Our devices are very suitable for home use. You may rent the device first, check it out and buy it later if you like it

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In Germany the Magnetic field therapy is not yet recognized scientifically and belongs to complementary therapy methods!


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Magnetic field therapy is considered an alternative healing method. In Germany, treatment with PMF therapy (pulsed magnetic field therapy) is not recognized.